As amazing as this has been…

And even though I know our eight followers will miss us, this blog is going south.

This blog is dead.

And rotting.

11:30 pm, This time will be here on in remembered as the time my mind was blown, by the Battlefield 3 beta. I think Harlan will agree.


Seed: 8903208701277335173
Co-ordinates: x -246
y 64.6
z 156.9

Everyone loves finding NPC Villages.

Everyone else loves blowing them up.

An Update to the Minecraft XP glitch.

As we were struggling with our server last night and the xp glitch we contacted the support crew. Their reaction, “well aren’t use fucked”. We eventually “fixed” it, only to accidently kill someone at the spawn, which caused further problems. The only way to truly fix it was to start a new world and now everything is working fine, and the xp seems to be managed. 

A game breaking bug.

Just wanted to warn everyone about XP and servers. If a player holds a large amount of XP, they drop it all upon death. As such, we are now experiencing frame rates averaging around 2 FPS on our server due to someone holding 7 players worth of XP dying next to me, leaving me to try and absorb an ungodly amount of XP.

Needs to be patched, it’s broken our servers.

9:30 AEST 14/09/2011

Minecraft Beta 1.8 goes live.